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Battery UPS Ritar RL2-100
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Battery UPS Ritar RL2-100

CellsPerUnit VoltagePerUnit
Normal OperatingTemperature Range
Capacity Weight Max.DischargeCurrent InternalResistance OperatingTemperatureRange
1 2 100Ah@10hr-rate to1.75Vper cell @25 C o Approx.6.5Kg 500A(5sec) Approx.1.0m Discharge: -20 ~60 oo oo oo CC Charge: 0 C~50 C Storage: -20 C~60 C
25 C 5 C oo 
FloatchargingVoltage RecommendedMaximumCharging CurrentLimit EqualizationandCycleService SelfDischarge RITARbatteries can be storedfor more than 6months at 25 C.Please chargebatteries before using.For higher temperature,the time interval willbe shorter. o Terminal ContainerMaterial Thread insert & Bolt (F10) A.B.S. (UL94-HB) Flammability resistanceof UL94-V1 canbe available upon request. 

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